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Blharkempire is an Events Company since 2001, became a liability in 2010 which takes charge of the pre and post production activities in entertainment. Our focus is basically on making it happen with a passion in beauty enhancement concepts to project appropraite costuming, make overs and well choreographed videos where it applies; setting a good standard aside to enhance entertainment especially among aspiring young talents. It’s basically to encourage youth and upcoming chaps who have chosen entertainment as a career and don't have the opportunity to explore, we meet half way with our services to support such talents under our label BEE records. At Blharkempire we strive towards standards, excellence and quality. These factors we considered essential to a successful beauty campaign. The key to a successful business is a well thought out strategy. The development in our strategy and innovation keeps you looking beautiful. Dance is another area of specialization at Blharkempire. It is a platform and a medium of expression that is both international and local with regards to celebration. At our dance school IBADI, we tutor students to become professionals in the chosen field with the basics of costuming entailed on the other hand we run series of classes for clients who want to keep fit. At our beauty section F3E we render full spa classes and services such as face make overs, Permanent/Temporary Tattoo and Body Piercing, With a wide range of products from natural home made recipe to enhance and bring out the glow in all shades of skin colour

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  •   Lagos, Nigeria
  •   info@blharkempire.org


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